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Ray Sosnowski Grant Park Skate Park Edit!

August 14, 2016

Ray Sosnowski Grant Park Skate Park Edit!

Ray Sosnowski has stacked up an abundance of clips with skate friend/filmer Jared Zajeski. Over the past month Ray has been traveling from his hometown of Steger to Downtown Chicago to make this edit come to life.

He challenged himself to do tricks that he was both confident in and also tricks that would challenge him as a skater. The only way to get better is for you to challenge yourself to be better.

This whole edit is a testament to what Ray Sosnowski is capable of putting down in the streets.

If you want to see a full part from Ray by next year, please leave a comment below!

Video via Jared Zajeski


Joan Schenk

August 17, 2016

You are GOOD! Looking forward to seeing you LIVE after watching Jared Zajeski’s video. Let me know when u will be @ GP. jes

Mandi Barr

August 15, 2016

Ray Sosnowski I’m am so VERY proud of everything you’ve accomplished from the kid that first picked up a skateboard and rode for the first time to this amazing skater with lots of talent and many challenging skills and tricks and became an inspiration and a role model for many young kids to look up to and admire!! I look forward to seeing just what the futures holds for you and see where it takes you! Blake is just so proud of his uncle Raymond! He loves to watch your skate videos! Love you bro miss you and keep doing what God gave you the skills to do and what is your passion!!

Ray Sosnowski

August 15, 2016

When I was a kid the skateboard was basically a plank of wood with Steel wheels. Through the years the board has made numerous changes. The deck has had contours added, the wheels allow you to cruise thru a little rougher terrain, the bearings help to keep your acceleration at a longer more consistent pace. As the design of the board continues to change and adapt to the skaters as they advance their skills, we will see more and more amazing tricks. These boards now with their graphic designs and griptape allow skaters to truly express who they are.
Kyle great job of pursuing and promoting your business, you have evolved a new aspect of the cooll designs on your griptape.
To my son Ray Sosnowski, you continue to amaze me with your skill that continually progresses with every revolution of your wheels.

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