Why Music and Skateboarding are Symbiotic

Why Music and Skateboarding are Symbiotic

Is it the chicken or the egg? Is it music or skateboarding? People will debate what comes first. Regardless, music and skateboarding are forever linked. Skateboarding is a sport of individuality.

Music enhances the skater's experience and uniqueness.

The music industry itself has gotten behind skateboarding with foundations that support the building of skateparks, featuring the sport in videos, and other numerous ways. In return, skaters have supported their bands passionately.


In most company's skate videos, different music will be playing for each rider's part. The song usually goes along with the skateboarder's style and individuality. Even in short skate edits, music is put in to enhance the video.

When the music goes along with the skater's tricks, it keeps a person focused on the content. Skater's put in music from bands they listen to help support their music. The right music in a skateboarder's part is critical.


Skateboarding is a huge part of many bands. Blink 182, the Descendants, Misfits, and other bands belong to a genre of music known as Skate Punk. Tom DeLonge, guitarist and vocalist of Blink 182, talks about how "punk rock music and skateboarders were one in the same kid." 

Skateboarding is also very important to Pearl Jam. The band has been involved in the making of 18 different skate parks. "Growing up in a small town, two things helped form my young identity: music and skateboarding. My goal is to create world-class skateparks," says Jeff Ament, bassist of Pearl Jam.

There are 4 more parks that are being built by the band. Neck Deep is also another band that is big on skateboarding, as seen in their music video for Motion Sickness. Artists, like Lil Wayne, have even written songs about skateboarding.


Many skaters choose to listen to music while they skate. Some skaters claim that listening to music makes them skate better and that it helps keep their mind off of everything going on around them.

Music pumps a skateboarder up and it can be motivating. When you get frustrated from learning a new trick, music can be extremely therapeutic and help prevent you from chucking your board into the abyss. Music by itself is something that can bond people. Skateboarding by itself is something that can bond people.

The two compliment each other perfectly, and they are the root of many friendships as well. Many skateboarders listen to similar music and usually, you can rely on them to have good recommendations.

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