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February 04, 2015

Happy Wednesday to everyone taking time out of their busy day to read this! Thank you. So over the past few weeks I have been working diligently on designing and creating new products with different price points. I realize that everyone has different taste in colors, price, designs, fit, feel, and overall appearance. So I kept that in mind when coming up with the new Cloud 9 Box Beanies!

These box beanies are available to you in 6 different color variations! This is the first time I have ever stepped outside of the traditional colors that I am use to in the hope of striking your fancy with one or many colors. 

These might be your new favorite beanie and they are ONLY available to you by clicking here or by calling (818) 795-1082

Navy BeanieMaroon BeanieBlack Beanie

Grey BeanieGold BeanieRoyal Blue Beanie

 These beanies will keep you warm, stylish, and most importantly they are super affordable! At $20 you'll be sure to turn heads. I promise this will be one of your favorite beanies you get your hands on this season!

Ordering is super easy, secure, and reliable! 99% of orders placed before 5 PM CST will go out same day and be in your hands within 1-4 days. We off you some of the fastest and most reliable shipping, because if you are anything like me, you dislike waiting for something you really want.

If you live in Northwest Indiana or Illinois I will personally deliver it to you directly the same day. If you would like to place a phone order for local delivery, please give us a call: (818) 795-1082

Do not miss out on these! They are perfect for all the snow our country has been hitting with. (disregard if you live in a state where you don't experience snow)

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