Sean Malto's Recovery Video

Sean Malto's Recovery Video

Over the past year professional skateboarder, Sean Malto has been on the road to recovery. 

Last year he rolled his ankle bad. The ankle roll has been dubbed the "ankle roll from hell." It was a bloody mess. I will spare you on sharing the images.

On to the good stuff.

This past week Ghost Digital Cinema released this video of Sean's road to recovery. This video was shot entirely on an iPhone. Ty Evans directed this video.

Sit back and enjoy the show. 


Video via Ghost Digital Cinema


Production Company Ghost Digital Cinema

Director Ty Evans

Producer David M. Garcia

Director of Photography Michael D. Poore

Camera Operator Justice Ott

Photographer Atiba Jefferson

Editor/Color Ted Newsome

Post Production Sound Keith White Audio

Production Assistant Griffin Wells

Music Tony Anderson Lights & Motion Licensed through The Music Bed LLC

Skateboarders Sean Malto Guy Mariano Mikey Taylor Eric Koston Brandon Biebel Braydon Szafranski John Fitzgerald

Marc Razo Earl Robinson Sierra Fellers Chris Hallam Hector Moth Sammy Perales Steve Avina Juan Carlos Miranda Richard Rincon Erick Valdez

Friends Tyler Krupski Aaron Chilen Joseph James Ryan Lovell Jonathan Abbot Nicholas Ah-Loe Shawn Strange

Girlfriend Dani Vitale

Physical Trainer Nick Cutri

Equipment Partners Freely Systems SmallHD Radiant Images Wooden Camera Maxx Digital Schneider Optics Beast Grip Filmic Pro App Blue Shape Canon Cinema

Filmed entirely on the iPhone

Made possible by Apple.