Ryan Sheckler and Red Bull take over Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan!

Ryan Sheckler and Red Bull take over Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan!

Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler in collaboration with Red Bull took over Hart Plaza in Detroit, Michigan this past weekend! The event took place on May 8 through the 9th with qualifiers being held on Friday and top 8 move on to the finals Saturday morning.

Red Bull Hart Lines

Red Bull always knows how to throw an event. When they said they were taking over Hart Plaza for a skateboard event, I was curious how they were going to do.

Ryan's idea for this contest, 3 runs with two different lines and the final run would be the skaters choice. So ideally if you did well on the first line and not so well on your second line, your third run could be your redemption to save yourself.

David Reyes - Frontside Crook at Red Bull Hart LinesDavid Reyes - Frontside Crook

Out of 19 of the BEST skateboarders in the world, the top 8 moved on to the finals which took place on Saturday morning. Here is how Friday broke down:

Qualifiers (Top 8 in bold)

  1. Ryan Decenzo
  2. Ryan Sheckler
  3. Youness Amrani
  4. Torey Pudwill
  5. Curren Caples
  6. Evan Smith
  7. Alec Majerus
  8. Chris Cole 
  9. Tommy Fynn
  10. TJ Rogers
  11. Greg Lutzka
  12. Nick Merlino
  13. Justin Brock
  14. Riley Hawk
  15. David Reyes
  16. Felipe Gustavo
  17. Leo Romero
  18. Wes Kremer
  19. David Gonzalez
Ryan Sheckler & Sara Kielbasinski
Ryan Sheckler & Sara
Joey Brezinski & Sara Kielbasinski
Joey Brezinski & Sara
Ryan Sheckler - Fakie 360
Ryan Sheckler - Fakie 360
Torey Pudwill - Backside Smith
Torey Pudwill - Backside Smith
Jared Zajeski
Jared getting a poster before we left Detroit!
The finals took place on Saturday morning and everyone was edge to see if the rain would hold off until the contest was over... BUT most importantly everyone wanted to know who was going to take 1st, 2nd, and 3rd!
Curren Caples, Torey Pudwill, and Ryan Sheckler

 After the top 8 skaters battled it out on Saturday... It came down to Curren Caples in 1st place, Torey Pudwill in 2nd place, and Ryan Sheckler in 3rd! It is truly amazing watching the caliber of skateboarding that went down over this past weekend and very humbling to say the least.

Skateboarding has come a far way and seeing Red Bull put on an event like this truly makes a statement for the better.

Don’t forget to watch the full Red Bull Hart Lines feature broadcast on NBC airing Saturday, Aug. 1 at 4:30 p.m. ET/1:30 p.m. PT.