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On Thursday, September 29, the much-awaited Girlz Nite Out event took place at the Escala in Los Angeles to celebrate women’s skateboarding and present the world-premiere of “Quit Your Day Job.”

“Quit Your Day Job” is the first movie in ten years showcasing professional women skateboarders. Erik Sandoval and Monique O’Toole are the filmmakers and fellow skaters behind the project, which features up and coming female skaters as well as professional women skateboarders from all over the country/world. Most of the featured skaters are from the Meow Skateboards team; however Hoopla Skateboards team Samarria Brevard and Candy Jacobs who rides for Black River Skateboards also star in the skate film.

This film is being funded through Indiegogo, and has already reached 70% of its target amount.

The members of the Meow Skateboards team included in the film are Lacy Baker, Vanessa Torres, Nika Washington, Savannah Headden, Annie Guglia, and their newest pro rider Mariah Duran.

Mariah Duran was announced as a professional at the beginning of the Quit Your Day Job film. The Meow team opened the film as it normally would have started; however they slipped an extra 30 second segment in the intro. The whole team surprised Mariah with her very own pro model board which is now on the Meow Skateboards website.

The 19-year-old skateboarder has been making waves in the streets and the contest sector. Since joining the Street League Skateboarding community, she went from competing as an alternate in the 2015 Super Crown to debuting in the 2016 Super Crown official line up. This past summer, Mariah also won silver in the X Games at Austin, Texas.

The skateboarding community, including us, was excited to see how Mariah would do at the second annual SLS Women’s Super Crown competition. The Cloud 9 Griptape sponsored skateboarder placed fourth at the competition with a 21.1 score.

Mariah is known for her goofy stance, hardflips, and ability to hang with long-time pros despite her young age. We are personally very proud of how Mariah competed and look forward to her future career as a professional SLS skater.

You can buy Mariah Duran’s 7-ply maple wood “Whiskers” skateboard in three different sizes on the Meow Skateboards website.

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Monique O'Toole
Monique O'Toole

October 05, 2016

Thanks so much for this post Kyle! Much appreciated! And thanks for coming out to our premiere, and sls!!
Fyi, Candy is actually pro for Black River skateboards a German company, and has her own pro model with a graphic of her bloody face from that gnarly fall at the beginning of her part!

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