April 19, 2015

Every once in awhile you will get a sheet of griptape that you have skated for to long, is not as grippy as they said it would be, does not adhere to your skateboard, or it is just time to try out some new skateboard grip!


  • Razor blade to peel up and remove the old sheet of griptape
  • A new sheet of Griptape of your choosing (*cough* Cloud 9 *cough*) most grip comes in sheets of 9"x33"

Removing Griptape | Cloud 9 Griptape

STEP 1: Take the razor and begin to peel up the grip

Taking griptape off of your skateboard | Cloud 9 Griptape

STEP 2: Begin to peel off the grip (some might recommend a blow dryer from this step onward) until it is completely removed

Griptape removal | Cloud 9 Griptape

Step 3: (Give yourself a pat on the back) You did it! Toss your old sheet of griptape into the garbage

That is why you do not buy griptape made in China | Cloud 9 Griptape

Step 4: Grab yourself a cool sheet of griptape and get ready to skate!
Tie Dye Griptape | Cloud 9 Griptape

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Kyle Ayling | Cloud 9 Griptape