Fun in the California Sun Part 2

Fun in the California Sun Part 2

Like any normal person who is on vacation (or not) probably stumbles themselves into a Starbucks at some point in their day. So my sister, my girlfriend, and myself did just that! 

Brief background on me: I worked at Starbucks in Dyer, Indiana for 3 years and my biggest fear while working there was to not spell names wrong or write the wrong name on the cup.

Well we all ordered and the girl at the front till asked what my sisters name was, she replied, "Cassie." We then follow the flow of the store and go to the handoff plane to patiently await our caffeine fix. A few minutes later the barista calls out "Jessie, I have you 3 pump vanilla, 1 pump white mocha, whole milk latte!" I picked up my drink and got a chuckle, actually we all got laughs out of that one. Has that ever happened to you?! :P

After that laughter, we jumped in the car to ride the US 101 Freeway! By far the best ride I have ever been on... Seriously it beats any roller coaster to date. No it really doesn't but traffic is just something you have to deal with while visiting the 2nd largest city in our country. 

After sitting in a wild amount of traffic and get antsy because of the beautiful sunshine we got to enjoy in January, we finally made it to Melrose Ave. We had two goals when we hit Melrose: Johnny Cupcakes & Orchard Flats! (Check out our cute little Chevy Spark!)

Most of you might know that I talk a lot, especially when it is something I am deeply passionate about. We spent a good 20 minutes talking to the manager of Johnny Cupcakes, Sara got me a beanie for my birthday, and then we finally headed across the street to Orchard Flats!

Orchard Flats was a little place we randomly discovered when we were in LA back in August and we both instantly fell in love with their Orchard Vanilla Latte. My treat to Sara because she always does her best to be patient with me! But if you ever find yourself in LA on Melrose, do yourself a favor and snag one of these healthy & delicious lattes.

What a beautiful view! Minutes after this photos was taken, it turned into adventure time to find some food because we were starving. So we did what any normal tourists would do, we headed towards the glamorous Sunset Strip!

Sara spotted an old Mustang in her favorite color on our way to get food. She loves this color so much that our room has three walls with that color paint on them.

Skateboard Grip Tape