5 Skateboard Tricks with Ray Sosnowski & Geo Sabillon

5 Skateboard Tricks with Ray Sosnowski & Geo Sabillon

In this day and age when you think of skateboarding, it is so progressive that it's hard to stand out. 


Or is it?

Since Cloud 9 Griptape has started, our goal was always to get a confident team of skateboarders together who want to push not only themselves but the spectrum of skateboarding.

Two skaters that stand out to me from the Midwest or now call the Midwest home are Ray Sosnowski and Geo Sabillon.

Ray is an aggressive skater with an impressive bag of tricks. He ranks high in the categories of uniqueness and variety. Whatever skating environment you put him in, he is sure to have something to show you.

Geo, on the other hand, has a keen eye for taking simple tricks and making them super complex all while performing them with ease and grace. He has an aura of positive energy surrounding him at all times.

When you get these two skaters together, the possibilities are endless. They feed off of the energy that each other omits and can make a skate session look like something you would see on The Berrics.

Below is a video that showcases the two doing what they love. The common bond that most of us share.



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